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  1. Thoroughly clean test area.
  • Power-washing is preferred.
  • Begin at the lowest point of the test area, power-wash toward the highest point of the test area (bottom to top).
  • Once at the highest point, rinse with clean water to remove all residues from the test surface (top to bottom).
  1. If you are unable to power-wash the area, use a Scotch Brite pad to scrub the surface prior to the rinsing process.
  1. Allow the test area to dry thoroughly.
  1. Apply approximately 32 wet mils (2 gallons per 100 sq. ft.) of coating onto the clean, dry substrate.
  1. In three separate areas, embed three cloth strips (1 inch wide by 6 inches long) into the wet coating.
  • Allow 2 inches of the fabric to overhang out of the wet coating.
  • When the cloth strip placement is finished, apply enough coating to the topside to wet-out the topside of the cloth.
  • Brush the coating lightly to ensure no air bubbles are entrapped.
  • Leave the 2 inches protruding end of fabric uncoated.
  1. Allow the test areas to cure for 1- 2 weeks before checking adhesion.
  • Adhesion and curing time frame depends on climate conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.).
  • If an early test fails, wait the full two weeks to ensure coating has time to cure enough to give true adhesion results.
  • When checking adhesion, pull the strip straight up.
  • There must be a minimum of two pounds of "pull strength" for the coating adhesion to be considered acceptable.
  • If little to no effort is needed when peeling the strip, it is doubtful that the chosen application is adhering properly.
  • If lifting the fabric is difficult, or the fabric is separating from the new coating, odds are there is acceptable adhesion.
  1. Please consult American WeatherStar technical department with all test results.

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